One Nice Thing!

It seems to me that people are much more friendly, happy and cheerful around the holidays. Our goal is to try and get everyone to act that way all year long and all the time. Let me tell you what happened to me this past Sunday. I was doing my one nice thing and someone payed it forward and did one nice thing for me.

So I was cleaning my mother’s bathroom when I noticed the head on her electric toothbrush was bad so I went to CVS to get a new one. I found a pack of 3 and the price marked was $8.99 (but I failed to see that was with your CVS card). When I got to the counter and the cashier rang it up the price was $19.99. When she informed me that was the retail price without the CVS card there was an elderly woman behind me in line. She told the cashier that I could use her CVS card and get the sale price, then she pulled out a coupon that she wasn’t going to use and gave me that as well. So this item that was $19.99 retail ended up only costing me $6.99 with her CVS card and her coupon. As she left the store, feeling just as satisfied as I was, she said, “Have a Happy Thanksgiving”.

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone acted that kind to everyone else all the time! One Nice Thing!

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