One Nice Thing!

Good Day Everyone,

The Issue: I would like to put something out there for people to think about and maybe just do. I really don’t understand what has happened in our society today. It seems the entire world is offended. Everyone is upset by something or someone. First, we started in a small town in North Carolina. Now we need the whole State, and maybe, just maybe it will filter out.

The Mission: Today, everyday, try to say or do one nice thing for someone, anyone. Make their Day! Make them Smile! Make them Laugh! Help them with something! Be nice just to be nice! Believe me, it will make you feel as good as it does them! Let’s start today! Let’s make a Difference!

Here’s what we would like you to do:

Click on 1 to tell us your first name and what state you live in.

Click on 2 and tell us what one nice thing you did for someone.

Click on 3 and tell us what one nice thing someone did for you.

Let’s make this spread across America and then, the rest or the world!